For Jody Kalinka, this January marked a new year and a new beginning. After 22 years of hard work and dedication, Jody is retiring from Briess. Over the years, she has worked in various departments across Briess from inventory to transportation and logistics.

A longtime Briess employee, Leona Propson, recalls “When Jody joined Briess, it was just her and I in the inventory department. She was always great with numbers and managing various Malthouse inventories. During audits, Jody would conduct the mock recalls for the Malthouses, and due to the complexity of the inventories, she was always brought into the audits to explain the numbers and inventories.”

Jody’s energy and commitment have been an asset to Briess. Denise Krutzik, recalls, “When I first started, Jody would always help me navigate the inventory screens.  No matter how busy she was, she took time to help.”

And while Jody had a hard work ethic, she also had fun while working at Briess. A smile comes to Leona’s face as she reminisces, “Holidays were always fun. One year Kathy Klausen and I went to Jody’s house (for several days) and made our own Bee costumes!”

Denise chimes in with a lighthearted laugh, “I will remember her for her love of Fritos & fresh cheese curds.”

Motorcycle and snowmobile enthusiast, Jody has plans of spending time on the trails and hitting the open road. We wish Jody the best of luck in all her travels and adventures and would like to say, “Thank you” for your commitment to Briess for 22 years. We will certainly miss you.


From all of us at Briess.