Spring is here and so is a full clutch of four eggs! If you were watching the live stream Wednesday, April 3 between 8-8:30 a.m., you likely noticed the laying of the fourth egg at our Manitowoc, Wisconsin, nesting box. A viewer actually witnessed the Bird’s side of the Birds and the Bees last month, so we knew that the circle of life was in motion, but did not know just when the eggs would arrive.

Although it’s not apparent, Valcor is laying her fourth egg.

This means the estimated hatch date is … drum roll please … May 4-6. Be sure to check out the live stream at about.briess.com/ to see Valcor incubating the eggs; you might even catch Bartell giving mama a break during the day. The Falcon Cam link is located at the top of the page; take a gander for yourself (bird humor=mom jokes).

Tired mama catching some ZZZs