It’s going to be 3 awesome days of homebrew sampling and discussion.

3,000 homebrewers all in one spot at the same time? Say no more! This year the AHA has landed Homebrew Con in the Northeast, so expect to get your haze on. The Briess crew will be there in force and will have multiple beers on tap at BOOTH #214. As per usual, we will have our malt giveaway and this year a very special treat — pound sample bags of our newly launched Blonde RoastOat® Malt (as well as a lot of other malts) so bring the Briess Ziplock you should get during registration and we’ll fill it up for you to bang out a brew with a cool new malt!

And who doesn’t want free malt?

Also at Briess booth #214 we will have an array of beers from several commercial breweries (Commonwealth Brewing, Boston Beer) as well as a number of brews from the Briess Pilot Brewery and our Technical Service team. Anyone recall the Malt Monster Beer from the last 2 years? Well we’ve taken it to a new level of intensity with Malt Monster III so stop by to sample. One of the other beers we’ll be featuring went over so well at the Craft Brewers Conference in late April in Denver we decided to brew it again — RoastOat® Red also features our new oaty product. Please stop by our booth at the Expo to say hello, sample a few beers and pick up your Blonde RoastOat® Malt sample, we’ll see you in Providence!