In 2020 we expanded our Silo Purchase Program to include a Super Sac Handling system. Super Sacs have become a popular program for many brewers. They are a great option for a growing brewer, offering a lower-cost option for handling malts without the larger capital expense of a bulk silo. They offer benefits to larger brewers as well, giving them a more efficient option for handling specialty malts and helping them reduce freight costs by limiting expensive pneumatic truck deliveries.

Our Engineering department worked closely with a local fabricator and developed a simple, cost-effective handling system that can be implemented easily in any brewery or distillery’s grain handling system. The basic system includes a rack and hanging frame with an iris valve at the bottom to allow for a safe and controlled discharge. Since every location is different, we can offer options to accommodate anyone’s needs. Options include:

  • Scale and digital interface
  • Integrated dust collection
  • Bag dump station
  • Hoisting system

Briess’ finance program works the same way as the silo program offering the same customer benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • No interest or carrying costs
  • Save time
  • Create a safer work environment

If you are interested in limiting bag breaking, or want to upgrade your existing grain handling system, Briess can help there as well. Talk to your Division Manager for more details.