Many brewers and distillers believe it’s important to support their local farmers and have developed innovative ways of incorporating local grains into their recipes.  For years Briess has been the malting and processing partner for many of them.

Our Technical Service and Quality staff work closely with the customer providing:

  • Evaluation of malting viability and mycotoxin testing
  • Pilot malt analysis
  • Detailed written report on pilot results
  • Consultation throughout the process to assure final commercial product meets expectations

Our maltsters have experience with all kinds of grains ranging from triticale and wheat sourced in Kentucky to barley from Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.  Capabilities extend beyond malting, so if a pregelatinized flake or extract will suit your process better, we have you covered.

If a local grain is in your next beer or spirit, Briess can help you turn it into a world-class malt, extract, or flaked product.  Please reach out to your Division Manager for more details.