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  • Alpinator (Doppelbock)

    A rich maltiness will dominate your palate when you taste this doppelbock. The recipe is balanced by an unmistakable alcohol presence achieved with the Zurich lager yeast.

    Type: Lager

    Style: Bock

    Batch Size: 5 gallons

    Recipe Type: Extract with grain

    Recipe Contributed By: Briess Technical Services Staff


    Quantity Ingredient Comment Malt Style
    6.6 lbs CBW® Pilsen Light LME Extract, LME
    2 lbs Bonlander® Munich Malt Kilned, Munich
    1 lb Victory® Malt Roasted, Biscuit
    0.5 lb Caramel Malt 120L Caramel, Crystal
    4 lbs Brewers Malt Base
    1.25 oz Hallertau Hops (4.5% AA) Boil 60 minutes
    1 capsule Servomyces Yeast Nutrient Boil 10 minutes
    2 vials WLP885 Zurich Lager Yeast


    1. Perform mini-mash with 4 gallons of water and grains
    2. Steep at 152-158ºF for 45 minutes
    3. Add extract
    4. Bring to a boil
    5. Add bittering hops and continue to boil
    6. Add Servomyces as indicated
    7. Remove from heat
    8. Cool to 55-60ºF
    9. Transfer to primary fermenter
    10. Fill to desired level with cold water
    11. Oxygenate and pitch yeast

    Primary Fermentation: 14 days at 50-55ºF

    Secondary Fermentation: 60 days at 35ºF

    Fermentation Notes:

    Original Gravity: 1.084

    Final Gravity: 1.021

    Alcohol by Weight: 6.6%

    Alcohol by Volume: 8.2%

    IBU: 21

    Color: 20 SRM