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  • El Chupacabra Barley Wine

    Makes 3 BBL batch. Ashburne® Mild Malt was used as the base malt as I had some left over from our seasonal Hoptoberfest brews. Beautiful orange/amber color, this beer isn't too cloying due to the addition of the honey which also adds a great floral nose. I brewed this R&D beer on the 3 1/2 BBL "pilot" brewery I was using at the time. This beer was outstanding and served at the barley wine festival held at Dunedin Brewery in 2002!

    Type: Ale

    Style: Other Ale

    Batch Size: Commercial

    Recipe Type: All grain

    Recipe Contributed By: David Richter, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. - Former Director of Brewing & Beverage with Hops Grillhouse and Brewery based in Tampa, FL


    Quantity Ingredient Comment Malt Style
    77% Ashburne® Mild Malt Base
    7% Caramel Malt 60L Caramel
    8% Carapils® Malt Dextrine
    8% Bonlander® Munich Malt Kilned, Munich
    10 lbs Florida Orange Blossom Honey added 5 minutes before end of boil
    2 lbs Perle Hops Boil for 90 minutes
    1.5 lbs Hallertau Hops Boil for 20 minutes
    3 lbs Perle Hops Add at whirlpool
    Ample Supply WY1056 Yeast Oxygenate highly


    1. Adjust mash with CaCl and CaSo4
    2. Mash at 152ºF for 45 minutes
    3. Sparge at 170ºF

    Primary Fermentation: Ferment at 65ºF to keep fruity esters somewhat subdued

    Secondary Fermentation:

    Fermentation Notes:

    Original Gravity: 23 Plato

    Final Gravity: 4.5 Plato

    Alcohol by Weight:

    Alcohol by Volume: 9.7%


    Color: Orange/Amber