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Dubbel Reserve

Made with Caracrystal® Wheat Malt for creamy sweetness and Carabrown® Malt for nutty, malty complexity. A limited edition platinum strain of yeast provides a clean, slightly acidic character that makes this balanced ale dubbely delicious.

Type: Ale

Style: Belgian / French Ales

Batch Size: 5 gallons

Recipe Type: All grain

Recipe Contributed By: Briess Technical Services Team


Quantity Ingredient Comment Malt Style
8 lbs Pilsen Malt Base
1 lb Caracrystal® Wheat Malt Caramel, Crystal
1 lb Aromatic Munich Malt Kilned, Munich
8 oz Carabrown® Malt Roasted, Brown
4 oz Carapils® Malt Dextrine
1 lb Cane Sugar Boil 15 minutes
1 tsp Irish Moss Boil 15 minutes
1 oz Saaz Hops (5% AA) Boil 60 minutes
2 vials WLP510 Bastogne Belgian Ale Yeast Primary fermentation
0.5 vial WLP510 Bastogne Belgian Ale Yeast Bottle conditioning


  1. Mash at 155-160ºF for 45 minutes
  2. Sparge at 170ºF
  3. Heat cane sugar in saucepan stirring constantly until liquid and slightly browned
  4. Add cane sugar and Irish Moss as indicated
  5. Knock out at 65ºF
  6. Oxygenate highly
  7. Cool to 72ºF
  8. Oxygenate and pitch yeast
  9. Oxygenate and pitch yeast

Primary Fermentation: 10 days at 70ºF

Secondary Fermentation: 14 days at 35ºF

Fermentation Notes: Bottle condition and age for 1 month

Original Gravity: 1.062

Final Gravity: 1.013

Alcohol by Weight: 5%

Alcohol by Volume: 6.3%

IBU: 18

Color: 18-22 SRM


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