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Exported Scotch Ale

Malty and complex. The small amount of Briess Smoked Malt adds another level of decadence

Type: Ale

Style: Scottish / Irish Ales

Batch Size: 5 gallons

Recipe Type: All grain

Recipe Contributed By: Briess Technical Services Team


Quantity Ingredient Comment Malt Style
7.2 lbs Brewers Malt Steep Grain Base malt
1.6 lbs Bonlander® Munich Malt Steep Grain Munich Malt
0.6 lb Caramel Malt 60L Steep Grain Caramel Malt (Roasted)
0.5 lb Victory® Malt Steep Grain Biscuit-style malt
0.3 lb Smoked Malt, Cherry Wood Steep Grain Smoked Malt
0.2 lb Carapils® Malt Steep Grain Dextrin Malt


Primary Fermentation:

Secondary Fermentation:

Fermentation Notes:

Original Gravity:

Final Gravity:

Alcohol by Weight:

Alcohol by Volume:




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