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Uncommon Cali

California Common decoction brewed with Vienna style malt adds a continental-twist to this iconic American beer style.

Type: Lager

Style: Light Lagers / Pilsners

Batch Size: 5 gallons

Recipe Type: All grain

Recipe Contributed By: Briess Technical Services Staff


Quantity Ingredient Comment Malt Style
10.0 lbs Goldpils® Vienna Malt Mash Grain Base
0.75 oz Chinook Hops (14.0% AAU0 60 min boil
0.25 oz Northern Brewer Hops 10 min boil
0.25 oz Northern Brewer Hops 1 min boil
1 pack WLP810 San Francisco Lager Yeast Fermenter
1 Capsule Servomyces Yeast Nutrient 10 min boil


  1. Mash grains in 3.5 gallons of water at 130ºF to achieve about 4.5 gallons of mash
  2. Remove 5 quarts of thick mash and slowly bring to boil, over 30 minutes, with constant stirring
  3. Add boiled portion back to un-boiled portion and stir (should achieve approximatley 144ºF)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice more (should achieve approximately 157ºF and 167ºF)
  5. Sparge grain with 170ºF water to obtain desired pre-boil kettle volume
  6. Bring to boil
  7. Add 0.75 oz Chinook Hops
  8. Boil for 50 minutes
  9. Add 0.25 oz Northern Brewer Hops and Servomyces Yeast Nutrient
  10. Boil for 9 minutes
  11. Add 0.25 oz Northern Brewer Hops and boil for 1 minute
  12. Turn heat off and cool wort to 62ºF
  13. Transfer to fermenter
  14. Pitch one pack of WLP810 San Francisco Lager Yeast

Primary Fermentation: 3-4 weeks at 60-64ºF, then lager for 4 weeks at 34-36ºF

Secondary Fermentation:

Fermentation Notes: Force carbonate, or bottle condition with dissolved priming sugar and 1/4 packet of WLP810 San Francisco Lager Yeast for 2-3 weeks

Original Gravity: 1.053

Final Gravity: 1.014

Alcohol by Weight:

Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%

IBU: 37

Color: 10 SRM


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