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Belgian Golden Strong
Rich,with a wonderful marriage of fruity, spicy, alcohol and malty flavors, this Belgian ale is the perfect accompaniment to a chaise lounge chair and a sunset. Characterized by its high alcohol content, it's surprisingly light on the palate, thanks to the rock candy.


10 lbs - Brewers Malt
1 lb - Wheat Malt, White
8 oz - Carapils® Malt
1 lb - Clear Rock Candy - Boil 5 minutes
1 oz - Styrain Goldings Hops - Boil 60 minutes
1 oz - Saaz Hops - Boil 5 minutes
1 vial - WLP515 Antwerp Ale Yeast


Mash at 152ºF for 60 minutes
Sparge at 170ºF
Knock out at 65ºF
Oxygenate highly
Cool to 72ºF
Oxygenate and pitch yeast