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Briess Carabrown® Beer
This light brown ale has the amber/orange hues of an Oktoberfest. Malty and lightly hopped, it's a well balanced session beer with toasty/bread-like notes. Recipe developed by Bill Eye, Dry Dock Brewing Co., Aurora Colorado, and David Richter, Briess Division Manager-West.


350 lbs - Pale Ale Malt
50 lbs - Carabrown® Malt
15 lbs - Caramel Munich Malt 60L
- US Goldings Hops (5% AA) - Boil 70 minutes
- US Goldings Hops (5% AA) - Boil 20 minutes
- Willamette Hops (5% AA) - End of boil
1 vial - WLP060 American Ale Yeast Blend


Mash at 153ºF for 45 minutes
Sparge at 170ºF
Knock out at 65ºF
Oxygenate highly
Cool to 72ºF
Oxygenate and pitch yeast