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Chocolate Porter
You'll want to savor every sip of this rich, chocolaty porter. Its deep, intense flavor is achieved by the extreme combination of specialty malts, steeped for a long period of time, plus unsweetened cocoa. We recommend using the highest quality cocoa you can get your hands on!


6.6 lbs - CBW® Pilsen Light LME
8 oz - Caramel Malt 40L
8 oz - Caramel Malt 80L
4 oz - Carapils® Malt
8 oz - Chocolate Malt
4 oz - Black Malt
1 oz - East Kent Goldings Hops - Boil 60 minutes
1 oz - Willamette Hops - Boil 30 minutes
2 oz - Willamette Hops - Boil 5 minutes
8 oz - Unsweetened Cocoa Powder - End of boil
1 vial - WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast


Perform mini-mash with 4 gallons of water and grains
Steep at 152-158ºF for 30 minutes
Add extract
Bring to a boil
Add bittering hops and continue to boil
Add finishing hops and cocoa as indicated
Remove from heat
Cool to 72ºF
Transfer to primary fermenter
Fill to desired level with cold water
Oxygenate and pitch yeast