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Deb’s Best Ale
"Peak experience" in psychological terms refers to thinking and creating at one's fullest potential. Apparently the term applies to homebrewing, as Deb used it to describe the creation of her best recipe to date.


3.3 lbs - CBW® Golden Light LME
3.3 lbs - CBW® Sparkling Amber LME
1.5 oz - Centennial Hops - Boil 60 minutes
0.75 oz - Cascade Hops - Boil 5 minutes
1 pkg - #1056 Ale Yeast


Bring 4 gallons of water to a boil
Add extract
Stir vigorously to dissolve
Bring to a boil
Add bittering hops and continue to boil
Add finishing hops as indicated
Remove from heat
Cool to 72ºF
Transfer to primary fermenter
Fill to desired level with cold water
Oxygenate and pitch yeast