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Deutsch Mexikaner Lager
Germans began immigrating to Mexico hundreds of years ago. If there’s one thing Germans always bring with them, it’s their love of beer and their brewing tradition. The Vienna lager style is alive and well in Mexico through commercial breweries steeped in German tradition.


3 lbs - CBW® Pilsen Light DME - 60 min boil
2 lbs - CBW® Pilsen Light DME - 0 min boil
0.75 lb - Caramel Munich Malt 60L - Steeping Grain
0.5 lb - Briess Insta Grains® Yellow Corn Flakes - Steeping Grain
0.5 lb - Goldpils® Vienna Malt - Steeping Grain
1 oz - Tettnang Hops (4.5% AAU) - 60 min boil
1 oz - Hallertau Hops (4.5% AAU) - 5 min boil
2 packs - WLP940 Mexican Lager Yeast - Fermenter
1 capsule - Servomyces Yeast Nutrient - 10 min boil


Bring 2.5 gallons of water to 154ºF and steep grains for 30 minutes.
Remove grains, and stir in 3 lbs CBW® Pilsen Light DME.
Bring water to a boil, add 1 oz of Tettnang hops.
After 50 minutes, add yeast nutrient.
After 5 minutes, add 1 oz of Hallertau hops and yeast nutrient.
Boil 5 minutes, and turn heat off.
Stir to dissolve 2 lbs Briess CBW® Pilsen Light DME
Cool beer to 70ºF. Transfer to fermenter. Fill to 5 gallons with water.
Pitch 2 packs of White Labs WLP940 Mexican Lager yeast.