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Exported Scotch Ale
Malty and complex. The small amount of Briess Smoked Malt adds another level of decadence.


310 lbs - Brewers Malt
70 lbs - Bonlander® Munich Malt
25 lbs - Caramel Malt 60L
20 lbs - Victory® Malt
15 lbs - Smoked Malt, Cherry Wood
10 lbs - Carapils® Malt
- Fuggles Hops
- WLP028 Scottish Ale Yeast


Mash at 153ºF for 45 minutes
Sparge at 170ºF
Knock out at 70ºF
Oxygenate highly
Cool to 72ºF
Oxygenate and pitch yeast