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Flanders Brown
Longer aging helps develop the slight sour characteristic of this malty Belgian-style brown ale. A medium to full bodied brew with low to moderate carbonation and no astringency is fitting for this final “sweet and tart” finish.


7 lbs - Brewers Malt - Steep Grain
2 lbs - Wheat Malt, Red - Steep Grain
1 lb - Caramel Malt 60L - Steep Grain
1 lb - Flaked Corn - Steep Grain
1 oz - Saaz Hops (4% AA) - 60 minute boil
1 pack - WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix - Fermenter


Mash grains in water at at 154-156ºF for 45 minutes
Sparge grain with 170ºF water to obtain desired pre-boil kettle volume
Bring to boil
Add 1 oz Saaz Hops
Boil for 60 minutes
Turn heat off and cool wort to 72ºF
Transfer to fermenter
Pitch one pack of WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix