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Hella Good Helles
Often described as the light beer for dark beer drinkers. A malt accentuated style created in Munich in 1895 as a locally brewed alternative to the pilsner imports popular in the region. Two types of yeast add to the complexity.


8.5 lbs - Pilsen Malt - Mash
0.75 lb - Bonlander® Munich Malt - Mash
0.75 lb - Carapils® Malt - Mash
1 oz - Hersbrucker Hops (4.5% AAU) - 60 min boil
2 packs - WLP860 Munich Helles Yeast - Fermenter
1 pack - WLP833 German Bock Lager Yeast - Secondary Fermenter
1 capsule - Servomyces Yeast Nutrient - 10 min boil


Bring 3.3 gallons of water to 165ºF.
Mash grains at 152ºF for 1 hour.
Heat 4.5 gallons of 180ºF sparge water in a kettle.
Sparge and collect 6 gallons in kettle; bring to a boil.
Add 1 oz Hersbrucker hops.
After 50 minutes, add yeast nutrient.
After 10 minutes, remove from heat and cool to 55ºF.
Transfer to primary fermenter.
Pitch pack of WLP860 yeast.