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Peach of a Weiss Beer
The background esters and inherent sweetness of this Weiss beer base work well with many types of fruit.


8 lbs - CBW® Bavarian Wheat LME
4 oz - Carapils® Malt
1 tsp - Irish Moss - Boil 15 minutes
0.5 oz - Perle Hops (8% AA) - Boil 45 minutes
3 lbs - Pureed De-Pitted Peaches - Ripe or slightly over ripe
1 vial - WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale Yeast


Perform mini-mash with 4 gallons of water and grains
Steep at 152-158ºF for 30 minutes
Add extract
Bring to a boil
Add bittering hops and bring to a rolling boil
Add Irish Moss as indicated
Remove from heat
Cool to 72ºF
Transfer to primary fermenter
Fill to desired level with cold water
Oxygenate and pitch yeast
After 4-5 days of primary fermentation, pit and puree peaches (skin and all) in a sanitized blender or food processor