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Stony Hedge Stout


3.3 lbs - CBW® Golden Light LME
3.3 lbs - CBW® Porter LME
2 lbs - CBW® Sparkling Amber DME
0.75 oz - Nugget Hops - Boil 60 minutes
1.25 oz - Cascade Hops - Boil 15 minutes
1 pkg - #1335 Ale Yeast


Bring 4 gallons of water to a boil
Add extract
Stir vigorously to dissolve
Bring to a boil
Add bittering hops and bring to a rolling boil
Add finishing hops as indicated
Remove from heat
Cool to 55-60ºF
Transfer to primary fermenter
Fill to desired level with cold water
Oxygenate and pitch yeast