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Wit or Witout
Refreshing, light,'s’s WIT! With it you are equipped to relax in the heat of summer, without it you may find yourself anticipating the cooler days of fall.


5 lbs - Pilsen Malt
4 lbs - Wheat Malt, White
1 lb - Flaked Wheat - Boil 15 minutes
0.25 lb - Flaked Oats - Boil 15 minutes
0.75 oz - Hallertau Hops (4.5% AA) - Boil 60 minutes
1 capsule - Servomyces Yeast Nutrient - Boil 10 minutes
1 vial - WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale Yeast


Mash at 152-155ºF for 45 minutes
Add hops, flakes and Servomyces as indicated
Knock out at 65ºF
Oxygenate highly
Cool to 72ºF
Oxygenate and pitch yeast