Special thanks to our guest speakers for traveling to Chilton last week for our second annual Malt & Brew Workshop! Guest speakers included Dr. Michael Lewis, professor emeritus of UC-Davis; John Mallet, production manager for Bell’s Brewery; and Don Grambsh, CEO of Riverland Ag and barley market expert.

The two-day workshop included malting and brewing-related presentations, tours of the malthouse, roasters and 500bbl extract plant, and a sensory workshop where participants tasted specialty malt worts to learn to better identify flavors and colors unique to each style. The sensory session was lead by Bob Hansen, our tech services guru. Earlier in the day Dave Kuske, director of malting ops, discussed how different specialty malts are made followed by the malthouse tour.

Each workshop participant sampled eight different styles of malt, chewing the dry malt and sipping the wort.