We like to call our high quality, CBW® brewer’s grade pure malt extracts “Brewer’s Assistants” because of all they can do for you. First, they preserve the all-malt character of your handcrafted brew. Used alone or in combination with specialty malts, they also make great award-winning extract beers of all styles. All-grain brewers, meanwhile, can select a style best suited for the job you need done.

Use CBW® Pilsen Light, CBW® Golden Light, and CBW® Bavarian Wheat to:

  • Increase capacity and boost productivity
  • Boost gravity
  • Improving body and head retention
  • Yeast propagation

Use CBW® Sparkling Amber and CBW® Traditional Dark to:

  • Adjust color

Briess malt extracts are produced in a fully automated, state-of-the-art 500-barrel brewhouse. Located in Chilton, Wisconsin, our Irish Road Extract Plant is fed a continuous diet of freshly produced Briess Malt. This uniquely qualifies Briess as the only vertically integrated malting company in North America. And that means we have total quality control—from beginning to end.

Our CBW® malt extracts are 100% pure, brewer’s grade malt extracts. What makes them brewer’s grade? The most distinguishing characteristic is a high degree of fermentability and FAN. These characteristics can only be achieved in a brewhouse-style extraction process, as opposed to other styles of extraction processes. At Briess, we employ multiple step infusion brewing to develop high levels of fermentability and FAN. Then, we concentrate the wort to about 80% solids using gentle vacuum evaporation. The lower temperatures employed during this evaporation process lessen the color development in the finished extract.

Unhopped and nondiastatic, CBW® pure malt extracts are exceptionally full flavored and consistent. They’re also fresh because we produce and ship them fresh from America’s Heartland.