In 2019 Briess invested in quality and technical capabilities by purchasing CLP’s Combi Micro Malter and 50 kg Pilot Malt Plant.  The single-unit Micro Malter can run 4 X 500 g samples simultaneously through all three major primary steps – Steeping, Germination, and Kilning.  It is PLC controlled with all temperature adjustments, process controls, and data logging happening automatically.

Shortly after commissioning the Micro Malter, the investment paid dividends by helping us:

  • Improve First Pass Quality, allowing better evaluation of crop year differences and facilitating necessary process adjustments
  • Develop and successfully launch our most recent new products, Blonde RoastOat® Malt and American Honey Malt
  • Work with a strategic customer to create a custom malt from a preferred barley variety

Once the 50 kg (three-vessel) Pilot Malt Plant arrives in 2021, it will enhance our ability to scale up any changes to commercial level, as well as provide enough malt for us to do brewing trials with our Pilot Brewing system.