Totes offer a convenient way to receive 3,000 pounds of liquid extract or syrup, reducing the time and labor required for handling multiple drums or pails.


  • Eliminates shipping costs associated with returnable totes
  • Stack up to three high for storage (not transit)
  • Completely recyclable and biodegradable
  • Efficient use of storage space over drums or pails
  • Tamper evident seal on fill spout

Tote specs:

  • 3,000-Pounds Net (1,367 kg)
  • 3,150-Pounds Gross (1,429 kg) | 1 tote per pallet
  • Corrugated support with disposable food-grade liner
  • 3″ discharge bottom port
  • Ball valve available for easy removal of product
  • Non-returnable, four-way wooden pallet
  • Standard 40″ x 48″ pallet (110 cm x 120 cm)
  • Stacked pallet height is about 45″ (114 cm)
  • The outlet of the valve is female 2″ NPT
  • Maximum temperature for filling or handling is 178º F

Emptying a tote:

Please contact Briess for detailed information on the proper handling of liquid totes. In addition to offering you direct support and service, Briess can also help you work directly with the liquid tote vendor for additional information and assistance.

You may also refer to the SpaceKraft® Buttress Crown Cutter Dispense Instructions with photos and step-by-step instructions on dispensing your liquid tote.