With the ADI Conference and Craft Brewers Conference around the corner, we are excited to give you a sneak peek at two new malts we are launching at this year’s conference.

Synergy Select Pilsen Malt

The first is our Synergy Select Pilsen Malt, which is a true European-style Pilsen Malt that is rich in flavor, high in extract and low in protein with moderate enzymes and FAN. Using a new AMBA variety, our maltsters picked the unique flood-irrigated, semi-arid plains of the Bighorn Basin in northern Wyoming for its ability to grow bright, clean, low protein Synergy barley. Then, individual fields were hand selected for the best quality harvest and malted using European methods to produce a fine North American continental Pilsen malt. Expect balanced flavor with malty, subtle honey, bready and cracker notes without any grassy or harsh character.

Synergy Select Pilsen Malt grown in the flood-irrigated plains of the Bighorn Basin of northern Wyoming.

Features and benefits of Synergy Select Pilsen Malt

  • Premium, European-style Pilsen craft malt
  • High extract
  • Single varietal base malt for all beer styles
  • Excellent, well-rounded base malt flavor
  • Moderate enzymes and FAN for controllable, consistent processing
  • Produced in the USA from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row Synergy barley
  • Produced in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming
  • Malted in small batches
  • Perfect for European-style Pilsners and Lagers

Carapils® Copper Malt

The second malt we are launching is our Carapils® Copper Malt, which brings color and flavor to the iconic Briess Carapils® Malt. This unique dextrine-style malt adds body, foam retention and beer stability, while also adding graham cracker and candy-like notes and copper to red hues. The non-fermentables in Carapils® Copper Malt are advantageous in balancing body and enhancing the color and flavor depth of dark colored beers. This unique dark dextrin-style malt provides color hues and balanced flavor notes between those of caramel, kilned and dry roasted malts. In beer at low usage rates, it provides copper color with limited flavor impact and some improvement to body, mouthfeel and head retention. At higher usage rates, it contributes balanced red colors and malt flavor notes. It shows complex toast, toffee and burnt sugar flavors at very high usage rates.

Pictured left to right: Carapils® Copper Malt used at 10% and 30% in an otherwise all-brewers malt beer.

Features and benefits of Carapils® Copper Malt

  • Produced in the USA
  • Supports foam retention
  • Increases beer stability
  • Adds color and aroma to beers
  • Aids in balancing body
  • Has the full glassiness of Briess Carapils® Malt
  • May be used with or without other specialty malts
  • Devoid of enzymes and can be steeped in hot water or mashed