Monica Briess and Craig Briess with the Karl Strauss Achievement Award.

Five generations of the Briess Family were recently honored by the Museum of Beer and Brewing at the organization’s annual Karl Strauss Achievement Award dinner. On hand to accept the award were Briess CEO Monica Briess and Craig Briess.

The five-generation Briess family malting tradition began in 1876 with Ignatius Briess in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. The tradition continued with second generation Rudolf, third generation Eric, fourth generation Roger and continues today with Monica Briess and her sons Craig and Colin.

It was the 10th anniversary of the Karl Strauss Achievement Award. The late Karl Strauss was an icon in American brewing, and one of the founders of the Museum of Beer and Brewing. Karl Strauss was the first recipient of the award, recognized for outstanding service to the art and science of brewing for 75 years.

“Through five generations, Briess has exemplified service, support and innovation to international brewers, craft brewers and the home brewer,” the Museum Board of Directors noted. “The Museum recognizes the quality of Briess malt and the family’s continuous contributions to the betterment of malting and brewing, and the preservation of beer and its many traditions.”

In accepting the award, Craig Briess said to the group,

“This is such an honor for Monica, Colin, and me. Thank you. In fact, what makes this award even more moving for us is that Karl Strauss and my father, Roger Briess, were very good friends over the years.

As Gary spoke about, the ‘Briess’ company began about 140 years ago in the Czech Republic.  Over the years it grew, and under Eric Briess (Roger’s father), became firmly established in the United States.

My father, Roger, early on recognized the promise of craft beer.  With faith, commitment, passion, and hard work, Roger transformed Briess to position it to be the company it is today – that is, the leading specialty maltster.  Under Monica’s stewardship, over the last 15 years we’ve grown well.  Our amazing management team has also been instrumental in this growth.

The Briess family today is Monica, Colin, myself, and, of course, Marcel the poodle.  But, really, that’s an incomplete picture.  The Briess family is every single one of the Briess employees. We are very proud to have remained a close family company for the last 140 years, and we’re going to stay that way for the next 140 (and hopefully more).  We will continue our commitment to Briess quality, integrity, and identity.

On behalf of the Briess family – all 200+ of us — thank you for the Karl Strauss award.  It is nothing less than a true honor.”