North Dakota

North Dakota growers have had a busy spring and now with the fields sowed, the crop is progressing nicely. Ross Erickson, Briess’ Procurement Specialist in North Dakota, visited Harley Scholl’s farm to capture the current stage of his crop. Below you will see Harley’s crop at the flag leaf stage, which generally happens 34 to 38 days after initial emergence.

Meet one of our North Dakota growers, Harley Scholl.
One of Harley Scholl’s barley fields at the flag leaf stage. (6/06/17)
The flag leaf stage generally occurs 34 to 38 days after initial emergence. (6/06/17)

Wyoming & Montana

Our growers in Wyoming and Montana had a late-seeded spring for barley crop, but it went into excellent moisture conditions from good snow pack in the mountains. Regional Manager for the Briess Wyoming Barley Operations, Rick Redd, says, “As you can see below, the barley is looking fabulous.”