BCW_DarkBeer_3glasses_72dpiSome of the nation’s top foodies have acknowledged what craft beer  junkies already know—craft beer is hot!

Every year the National Restaurant Association releases its annual What’s Hot culinary forecast for the upcoming year, and this year 7 of the top 10 “Hot Trends” in the Alcoholic Beverages category are craft beer-related. Craft beer’s younger and more potent sibling, artisan spirits, received some well deserved recognition for its growing popularity with consumers as well.

Highlights of the NRA’s Alcoholic Beverage “Hot Trends” for 2014 include:

#1—Micro-distilled/Artisan Spirits
#2—Locally Produced Beer/Wine/Spirits
#6—House-brewed beer
#7—Craft Beer/Microbrew

When ranked as “Perennial Favorites” by the 1300 chefs who participated in the survey, Craft Beer/Microbrew jumped up to fifth place, Seasonal Beer to third, IPAs to second and Lagers to first. For the full report visit the What’s Hot in Culinary Forecast.

But before you read the full report, I suggest arming yourself with an exceptional beverage and some food because this is seriously going to make you drool.