We are joining ACSA in moving the craft spirit business to the next level at the 4th annual Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Nashville, Feb. 16-17. We’re sampling whiskeys made with Briess specialty malts for enticing and unique flavor. Come visit Ryan O’Toole, Mike Scanzello, Penny Pickart and Bernadette Wasdovitch at Briess Booth #201 to talk about authentic, made in the USA, ingredients for your American whiskeys and spirits.

Are you looking to learn more about specialty malts and kick your distilling up another notch? Join Mike Scanzello for his presentation on “Specialty Malts: Process and Distilling Application” on Friday, February 17 from 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm.

And if that’s not enough excitement, bring your blackout bingo card to our booth to be stamped and receive a free Briess decal.

This is your chance to check out the entire Briess Distilling Ingredients line of products, which includes raw grains and malts milled for top yield, malt extracts for boosting yield and specialty malts for whiskey production.