Caracrystal® Wheat (left) and Carabrown® Malt are now both available year round from Briess and distributors. Both malts are 55º L.

We’re pleased to announce that another seasonal malt is being added to our standard malt portfolio. Carabrown® Malt was introduced several years ago as a Maltster’s Reserve Malt available for a limited time each year. It’s a versatile malt because of its flavor profile and relatively light color for a drum roasted malt. Because it can be used in a wide variety of beers year-round, we’re making it available year-round for your formulating, production, and ordering flexibility.

If you’ve already brewed with it, you’re familiar with its exceptionally smooth, clean taste. It begins with a  slightly malty flavor then delivers a range of lightly toasted, biscuity, nutty, graham cracker flavors. It finishes somewhat dry and, at 55º L, contributes nice light brown to orange hues.

Start using it in the 5-25% range, depending upon the style you’re brewing. It’s especially good in brown ales, porters and stouts, and is also good in bitter, pale mild and Belgian Ales, wheat beers, bock Oktoberfest and Scotch Ales for flavor, complexity and color.

Commercial brewers, please contact your distributor or Briess Division Manager for a sample or email us. Homebrewers, ask your homebrew shop to carry it if they do not already.

Happy brewing!