Meet the Reed Brothers - Blog Artwork

We know our brewers and distillers are passionate about the ingredients that craft their beer and spirits. The flavor and character of the malt are sculpted into each beverage. This flavor is shaped by many factors from the dedicated growers to the art of the maltster. Each step of the growing and malting process becomes an expression of the malt. At Briess we understand this melding of agriculture, art and science to create a quality and flavorful ingredient that is emanated in the finished product.

The process begins with our growers. We contract directly with a growing network of more than 350 experienced barley growers in Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota. A great deal of the contracted acres are located in the flood-irrigated, arid mountain plains of Wyoming, well-known for producing some of the highest quality, brightest malting barley in the world.

In this short video, you will meet two of our dedicated growers, Dennis and Glen Reed, brothers from Cody, WY.  They are a third-generation farming family and grow over 400 acres of barley for Briess.