On Tuesday, June 7th Greg Septon banded the four eyasses at the Briess Manitowoc, WI, Nest Site.  Peregrine falcons are banded to provide researchers with valuable data on peregrine survival rates, dispersal distances and population growth rates.

The young eyasses receive 2 leg bands, one on each leg. The first band is a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) band which (in our case) a silver band containing a unique number to that individual falcon. This band is placed on the right leg.

The second band, on the left leg, is called the “project” or “color” number, which is an alpha/numeric two-colored band specific to our region. Our falcon’s project band colors are black (b) and blue (blu).  These bands are specifically used for visual purposes so the falcons can be identified from a distance with binoculars, webcams and scopes.

The bands placed on peregrine falcons are a very lightweight aluminum material and are specially sized to fit a falcon’s leg. They do not hurt the bird in any way and are comparable to a human wearing a bracelet. The leg bands do not interfere with flight or grasping of prey.

Prinz was named by Denise K. from Briess in Chilton, WI.
Ignatius was named by Mary H. from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR.
Brewster was named by Steve W. of Windsor, ON.
Victory was named by Brittany K. from Briess in Chilton, WI.