CBW® stands for Concentrated Brewers Wort, which is exactly what these brewer’s grade, pure malt extracts are — concentrates of brewers wort.

Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are produced in a 500-barrel, state-of-the-art brewhouse — the second largest in Wisconsin — using a multiple-step infusion brewing process for high fermentability and FAN, which is critical for brewing. After lautering, the wort is gently vacuum evaporated to maintain its rich, full flavor and lessen color development. Most Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are available in both liquid (LME) and dry (DME) forms.

Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are all malt, so you can preserve the “all malt” character of your brew. All of their color and flavor are developed from base and specialty malts, never through additional boiling. Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are unhopped and non-diastatic for flexible, creative brewing.

Shorten your brew day with extract beers. Or realize these benefits of supplementing your all-grain brews with CBW® pure malt extracts:

  • Increase capacity and boost productivity
  • Boost gravity
  • Improve body and head retention
  • Propagate yeast
  • Adjust color
  • Adjust flavor

Briess CBW® Pure Malt Extracts are rich, full-flavored and fresh because they’re made in the U.S.A. and spared the harsh conditions of transoceanic travel.

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