What’s small but creating a big buzz? The new 30 pound Briess CBW® Liquid Malt Extract Mini Pail!

With the Mini Pail, you get a convenient and easy to use package filled with 30 pounds of awesome extract.

Once you’ve emptied your Mini Pail, reuse your Mini Pail for fermenting, sanitizing, equipment storage, grain storage or any other purpose you can think of.

As your hobby grows, and you begin to build your own recipes, it’s always great to have some Briess CBW® liquid malt extract around. You’ll have no shortage of extract options to brew with. All 11 varieties of liquid malt extract are available in the Mini Pail:

  • #7307 CBW® Bavarian Wheat
  • #7308 CBW® Golden Light
  • #7309 CBW® Goldpils® Vienna
  • #7310 CBW® Munich
  • #7311 CBW® Pale Ale
  • #7312 CBW® Pilsen Light
  • #7313 CBW® Porter
  • #7314 CBW® Rye
  • #7315 CBW® Sparking Amber
  • #7316 CBW® Special Dark
  • #7317 CBW® Traditional Dark

Next time you stop by your local homebrew shop, check out the new Mini Pail from Briess!