Final Kate Label front

When Kate Rebholz celebrated her 90th birthday recently, her family surprised her with a very fitting and special tribute…her own beer! Son Chris explained that their family lives in Milwaukee and has been indirectly involved in the beer industry their entire lives.

Final Kate Label back
Kate’s story.
Bill and Chris with Brewer Kirby Nelson on brewing day.
Mike McGuire (left) and Patrick Rowland measure hops.

Chris and Bill, Kate’s grandson, were at Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Co., right up the street from Briess in Chilton, Wis., where “Kate’s Devil’s Brew” was brewed.

Kirby Nelson, brewmaster for Wisconsin Brewing Co., Verona, Wis., oversaw the brew, assisted by his ops manager Mike McGuire and Calumet Brewing Co. brewer Patrick Rowland. The Rebolz family is partners in Wisconsin Brewing Co.

Chris said the family wanted to make this special beer for their mother using “Made in Wisconsin” ingredients, which included Briess malts.

“Kate’s Devil’s Brew” is an English-style Ale developed by Kirby. What a nice tribute to this mother of 12.

Happy 90th Kate!