In December Robert O’Connell and I made the trip to Puerto Rico to visit Cervecera de Puerto Rico. This brewery and its flagship Medalla Light are icons in Puerto Rico. Briess has had a relationship with this brewery for decades, and it’s always a pleasure to meet up with our friends there.  And of course the climate, palm trees and sandy beaches were a nice break from our Wisconsin weather!

Cervecera de Puerto Rico is undergoing rapid growth and change, and will be introducing craft beer to the region later this year. That’s a big move for the area which is dominated by light lager beer drinkers. Take a look at these pictures of this beautiful brewery, and some of the equipment upgrades they’ve made.  Best wishes to the whole crew at Cervecera de Puerto Rico.

Carlos Agelvis, Head Brewmaster (right) and Daniel Stammberger, Staff Brewmaster (left) are brewing on the new 10 HL Schulz Brewery that was added for the Craft Beer line that will be introduced later this year.

Time to sample some beer!
They are in the process of adding 16 new 30 HL tanks to this area.
Packaging some product for the Holidays.
Carlos and Robert in front of the old 200 bbl copper topped brewery that has been retired since the commissioning of the new 500 bbl brewhouse.
The yellow and white tanks pictured above are used for  fermentation and maturation.  There are 9- 3,300 hl and 6- 1,650 hl tanks in the farm.
This is the building that houses the new pilot brewery.