A couple months ago Paul Graham and Anello Mollica, co-owners of Central Waters Brewing Co. in nearby Amherst, Wis., paid a visit to Briess. They broke away from their hectic schedules to help us celebrate a milestone sustainability effort—Briess’ acceptance in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Tier Program. That’s a state initiative that partners the DNR with businesses wanting to take their green initiatives to the next level. It’s a voluntary program  and businesses must apply and be accepted. We were honored to be accepted and equally honored that Paul and Anello spoke at our “Welcome to Green Tier” event. Thanks guys! And, of course, thanks for bringing beer. Our guests enjoyed it just as much we did!

Paul and Anello are so committed to the environment that  in 2009 theirs became the first green-powered brewery in Wisconsin. Check out their website for a glimpse of their über green facility. Central Waters is one of three Wisconsin breweries in Green Tier. The others are Capital Brewery of Middleton, Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee.

For a rundown on the Briess sustainability program, visit the “Green With Briess” webpage. Cheers all!