The baby Peregrine Falcons (aka eyasses) have hatched! Check out our live stream Falcon Cam for the big reveal of these little white fluffs of feathers. If you’ve been following our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you might have noticed the naming contest we ran. Stay tuned for next month’s blog to learn the names of the babies and more about the banding program! (If you want to learn the names a bit earlier, be sure to visit our social media pages.)

Valcor is keeping her eyasses warm. Take a peek at our Falcon Cam link located at the top of

Now, mind you, falcons don’t choose just anywhere to lay their eggs, they find a nice (presumably safe and comfortable) location on the ledge of a cliff or building. Other nesting sites have not been chosen and we feel very fortunate that our site has helped produced 71 young to help the species repopulate after a severe 1950s-1970s decline due to DDT and eggshell thinning. Currently, the falcons are no longer listed as endangered and are thriving in a variety of habitats from mountains to deserts.

If you haven’t checked out our Falcon Cam recently, now is definitely the time! Take a look for yourself:

National Geographic

For more fun falcon facts courtesy of National Geographic Kids − visit this Peregrine Falcon link.