On Friday, May 19, we had the honor of hosting the staff of Central Waters Brewing Company (Amherst, WI). With the recent release of the Wisconsin Foodies partner episode of Briess and Central Waters, employees from Briess had the chance to take a field trip to Central Waters for the Premiere of the episode and tour the brewery. It was only fitting to bring the Central Waters crew to Briess as many of them had not had the opportunity to tour our facilities. This gave them an in-depth look at the Briess campus, including the Chilton Malthouse, Extract Plant, and Brewhouse, and the Manitowoc Barley Operations. It was a full day of tours and hiking up steps in the Chilton Malthouse and Manitowoc Grain Elevator. The brewers were able to explore the malting process from steeping, germination, and drying.

Opening Remarks

Grain Elevator


Control Room