On Tuesday, June 6th our 2017 Peregrine Falcon eyases were banded. In honor of the 2017 Briess Retirees, the four eyases have been named:

  • Schwarz – after Jim Schwarz from the Chilton Malthouse (Retired May 2017 after 45 years of service)
    • Band number: 1156-03661 | (b/blu) 83/E (male)
  • Laufenberg – after Anthony Laufenberg from the Waterloo Malthouse (Retired January 2017 after 10 years of service)
    • Band number: 1156-03662 | (b/blu) 84/E (male)
  • Klasen – after Kathy Klasen from the Chilton Office (Retired June 2017 after 20 years of service)
    • Band number: 1156-03663 | (b/blu) 85/E (male)
  • Olberding – after Bob Olberding from the Wyoming Operations (Retired May 2017, after being on-boarded in 2013 from the acquisition of the barley storage and processing facilities in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming from Riverland Ag Corp where he spent 24 years)
    • Band number: 1947-01170 | (b/blu) 44/W (male)

Check out our video from the day’s event: