The Briess Sustainability Program encompasses our environment, our communities and our people. At our Manitowoc campus, we host a Peregrine Falcon nest that has produced 68 eyasses since 1998 in support of the Wisconsin Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program.

I am extremely pleased to announce that this past month Briess received the 2018 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award from Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. This award is in recognition of countless efforts from employees across the company to make Briess an environmentally focused, family-owned business dedicated to natural processes and products.

The 2018 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award is given annually to companies that demonstrate environmental leadership and focus on three major areas of impact: sustainability, use of innovative technology and environmental stewardship. Once nominated, a panel of judges selected winners for small, medium and large business categories. To earn this recognition, Briess demonstrated our leadership in sustainability through our comprehensive Seed to Specialty™ sustainability program which encompasses the environment, communities and people from seed to finished product.

In the shadow of the Briess Malthouse and elevator in Manitowoc lies the Briess Riverfront Community Area. Briess offers public use of this scenic area and parking lot at the mouth of the Manitowoc River and Lake Michigan. During the summer, it’s home to the community’s Farmers Markets held twice weekly. In the winter, it’s home to a popular ice skating rink.

We laid the foundation for the Briess Seed to Specialty™ Sustainability Program with several strategic supply chain acquisitions starting in 2013. The acquisitions secured a consistent source of barley that also meets our quality and environmental expectations. The acquisitions offered the opportunity to consolidate the bulk of Briess barley production in a unique barley growing region. The characteristics of this barley growing region in Northwestern Wyoming and Southern Montana make it possible to produce barley with less environmental impact. Other environmental initiatives undertaken throughout the organization include centralized warehousing to lessen transportation needs, turning waste streams into compost and energy, and installing energy-efficient lighting, heat recovery systems, and energy control devices throughout operations.

As an ag-centric business dedicated to natural processes and products, Briess believes it is our inherent responsibility to be a good steward of resources. We thank Wisconsin Commerce & Manufacturers for this recognition as we continue our commitment to our environment, our communities and our people.

In the premium barley growing region of Northwestern Wyoming and Southern Montana, many growers like Josh Christofferson operate family farms that produce some of the highest quality malting barley grown in North America. In the background, you can see grain storage bins at the Briess Elevator and Barley Operation where Josh and other Briess growers deliver their barley at harvest.