Capital Brewery’s Annual Bockfest

You don’t have to wait for warm weather to enjoy award-winning, local craft beer. In just a few weeks, thousands of beer enthusiasts will be celebrating the release of Capital Brewery’s platinum award-winning Blonde Doppelbock and Maibock at its 26th annual Bockfest. Bockfest is the celebration of – you guessed it – Bock Beer! The event will be on February 25, 2023 at Capital Brewery, 7734 Terrace Ave, Middleton, WI, snow or shine. Festivities will include:

Capital Brewery mug Madison
Rehydrating with a Blonde

Blessing of the Bock – A ceremony to commemorate the tapping of the first keg of Blonde.

1K Running of the Blondes – A rag-tag group of costumed blonde wannabes ‘runs’ around the block and stops at The Village Green bar to rehydrate.

Fish Toss – The Brewing Staff assembles on stage and throws smoked fish – head and all – to the masses. People jostle for the opportunity to catch said fish. Mayhem ensues.

Tanner Unchained – Brewmaster Tanner Brethorst joins Sixteen Candles band and plays a mean harp to some classic R&B.


Capital Brewery’s Head Brewer, Tanner Brethorst
Capital Brewery’s Head Brewer, Tanner Brethorst

Capital’s Head Brewer, Tanner Brethorst, states, “Our time-honored Blonde Doppelbock is brewed with historic brewing processes including Decoction mashing, an extended boil session, and cool, slow, lager fermentation.  Our Blonde Doppelbock is a window into old-school German brewing excellence.  With a backbone that includes Briess Bonlander® Munich malt, Briess Caramel-20 malt, and Briess Pilsen malt, it’s no wonder why this is one of our most sought-after beers of the year.  Crisp, malt forward, and bringing you back for more, Blonde Doppelbock is an enduring favorite!”

“We choose Briess Malt for countless reasons.  For example, the quality and consistency of Briess Malt leads the industry in our eyes.  Accurate and flavorful varieties of malt help us brew beers to taste exactly as intended.  Freshness, great access to information, and ease of procurement are also hallmarks of what Briess offers.  One Wisconsin-based company working with another, both creating fantastic, in-demand products.  It’s a winning relationship for Capital Brewery and Briess Malt!”

Blonde Doppelbock Beer Specifications:

ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 26


According to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) Beer Style Guidelines, a “Traditional Bock” is classified as an amber/brownish colored beer with a strong body and alcohol content to match. The focus is entirely on the malty goodness of German-style malts, with just enough hop bitterness to keep the beer from tasting syrupy or cloying. 

 Five Characteristics:

  1. Aroma: Strong malt aroma, often with moderate amounts of rich melanoidins and/or toasty overtones. Virtually no hop aroma. Some alcohol may be noticeable. Clean. No diacetyl. Low to no fruity esters.
  2. Appearance: Light copper to brown color, often with attractive garnet highlights. Lagering should provide good clarity despite the dark color. Large, creamy, persistent, off-white head.
  3. Flavor: Complex maltiness is dominated by the rich flavors of Munich and Vienna malts, which contribute melanoidins and toasty flavors. Some caramel notes may be present from decoction mashing and a long boil. Hop bitterness is generally only high enough to support the malt flavors, allowing a bit of sweetness to linger into the finish. Well-attenuated, not cloying. Clean, with no esters or diacetyl. No hop flavor. No roasted or burnt character.
  4. Mouthfeel: Medium to medium-full bodied. Moderate to moderately low carbonation. Some alcohol warmth may be found but should never be hot. Smooth, without harshness or astringency.
  5. Overall Impression: A dark, strong, malty lager beer.

Comments: Decoction mashing and long boiling play important roles in flavor development, as it enhances the caramel and melanoidin flavor aspects of the malt. Any fruitiness is due to Munich and other specialty malts, not yeast-derived esters developed during fermentation.

History: Originated in the Northern German city of Einbeck, which was a brewing center and popular exporter in the days of the Hanseatic League (14th to 17th century). Recreated in Munich starting in the 17th century. The name “bock” is based on a variation of the name “Einbeck” in the Bavarian dialect and was only used after the beer came to Munich. “Bock” also means “billy-goat” in German and is often used in logos and advertisements.

Ingredients: Munich and Vienna malts, rarely a tiny bit of dark-roasted malts. For color adjustment, never any non-malt adjuncts. Continental European hop varieties are used. Clean lager yeast. Water hardness can vary, although moderately carbonated water is typical of Munich.

Vital Statistics:OG: 1.064 – 1.072
IBUs: 20 – 27FG: 1.013 – 1.019
SRM: 14 – 22ABV: 6.3 – 7.2%
Bockfest Cheers
Cheers to Capital Brewery’s Bockfest

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