While Irish Coffee is a year ’round favorite for many, it takes on special significance every March 17. This year, how about giving your Irish Coffee a brewer’s touch by sweetening with malt extract rather than granulated or powdered sugar?

I recommend using Briess CBW® Sparkling Amber liquid malt extract. While this is the only CBW that Briess won’t divulge the malts in it, rest assured all of its rich caramel flavor is developed solely from specialty malts, not additional time in the boil. If you only have Sparkling Amber dry, reconstitute with water before adding to your coffee. A deeply roasted coffee will pair best with the malt extract and Irish whiskey.

How much should you use? You’ll want to keep the malty caramel flavor subtle so it enhances and complements the rich coffee and smooth Irish Whiskey flavors. Try starting with a teaspoon then continue sweetening with either more extract to taste or adjust with sugar so the malt flavors don’t overpower the drink.