Since 1992 more than 75 falcons have been born in Briess’ nesting box at our malt plant in Manitowoc, Wisconsin as part of the state-wide falcon recovery program.  The malt plant is on the Lake Michigan shoreline and the nesting box is on the 11th story of a grain elevator with a magnificent view of the lake.

This year’s pair of adults includes Bartell, who was produced at the MG&E power plant nest site in Madison in 2015 and has returned to Briess’ nesting box for the fifth consecutive year.  The female is unbanded but is believed to be the same female as last year based on her markings and behavior.

Falcons normally lay three to four eggs in April, and this year our nesting pair produced four eggs.  Four healthy eyasses were born between May 6-9, and the parents have been busy feeding them ever since.  Check out the pictures and video for a close-up look at the action!

This year’s eyasses will be named after four employees at Briess’ malt plant in Chilton, Wisconsin: Bruce, Mark, Red, and Tom.

Each of these team members have worked at the plant for more than 40 years! We honor their dedication and commitment to producing the finest handcrafted malt since the earliest days of the craft beer revolution.

To watch the action in Briess’ nesting box anytime, check out the Falcon Cam on our website.