Congratulations to our naming contest winners! Thanks to all who posted their ideas; we had a lot of great suggestions. Drumroll please (or maybe flapping of wings)…the names of the three young male falcons are: Cobia (after the WWI sub docked at the Manitowoc Maritime Museum) — submitted by Nick T., Barley — submitted by Amy W.M., and Lovec (hunter in Czechoslovakian to honor the Czech heritage of the Briess family and company) — submitted by George J. The fourth falcon is a female and has been named Penny (after our legendary Division Manager — Brew Central, Penny Pickart, who just retired this year) — submitted by Jeannie K.

What the young eyasses looked like at the time of banding on June 5, 2020.

In just a couple weeks, they have changed considerably! We’ve just been informed that they will take flight soon! Watch them live on our Falcon Cam.

This is one of the youngsters preparing for flight on June 15, 2020.