Birds of prey are making a comeback all around the country, and it’s always impressive to see them soaring across the sky. Every year we get to appreciate that in a new way as falcons return to Briess’ nesting box on the 11th floor of the elevator at our Manitowoc malt plant. Briess malt plant has been home to falcons since 1992 and since then has produced 83 young.

Protecting the first egg

This year the nesting box is occupied by our resident male, “Bartell,” who is back for his seventh year.  The female is unbanded and based on her markings is probably the same one who has been at Briess’ site since 2020. Four eggs were laid between March 27 and April 4. Based on normal gestation of 29-32 days, it means they will probably hatch the first week of May. After the eyasses are born, we’ll announce a naming contest on Facebook with a chance to win some Briess swag!  😊

All four eggs in the nesting box

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