Going to the AHA National Homebrew Conference next week in Grand Rapids? If so we invite you to stop at the Briess Homebrew Expo display to sample two beers brewed as a fun Extract-Whole Grain project for the conference: Pilsner beer made from Briess Pilsen Malt and Pilsner Beer made from Briess CBW® Pilsen Malt Extract.

The project illustrates that, however you brew it, great beer results when good brewing techniques and fresh, high quality ingredients come together.

Making this project possible were Founders Brewing Co. and Brewsquitos Homebrew Club, both of Grand Rapids. which lent their time and brewing talents with a little twist:

  • The Founders crew brewed with extract. I had the privilege of brewing with them. Scroll down for pix!
  • The Brewsquitos brewed the all-grain version. Missed brewing with this team, but they provided some great pix. Scroll down to see them.

We chose Pilsen so both teams would be brewing the same recipe: 100% Briess Pilsen Malt with the same hops and yeast strains. The Founders crew just had a shorter brewing day because they started with CBW® Pilsen Light, which is made from 100% Briess Pilsen Malt (and love).

Special thanks to Founders and the Brewsquitos for taking time to brew these beers for us!

Brewsquitos starting the mash.
I can almost smell this.
Pails of extract wait for Founders Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki to finish reviewing the recipe.
Whether it’s from extract or whole grain, the mash aroma is terrific.
Pilot fermenter.
Nice setup!
Can’t wait to taste the beer. Thanks again guys for brewing for Briess!
First all-extract brew this brewhouse had seen.
Laura is changing connections before transfer.
Jeremy is checking the gravity…Perfect!
No spent grain to clean from the kettle!

We all enjoyed the short brew day. Thanks again to for brewing beer for Briess, and for the wonderful refreshments when we were done.