Bing Crosby might have dreamed of a “Black White” if he’d had received the Christmas gift that Briess employees received the other day. Neatly tucked inside our gift bags was a slick twin-pack of holiday beer brewed by CoPrez Gordon Lane and Tech Head Bob Hansen—one’s called Christmas White and the other Christmas Night. The label explains that “Christmas White is a traditional Belgian style white beer.” Christmas Night, however, uses a dose of our new Midnight Wheat Malt to create a “delicious new beer style named the Black White.  Ultra Smooth Midnight Wheat malt is added to the Christmas White to add a crispness and a starkly contrasting appearance.  Decant gently as you pour and marvel at the ebony color.”

This marks the fifth year Gordon and Bob have brewed a special holiday beer for employees. Christmas White and Christmas Night have already assumed their place in my fridge and won’t live to see the New Year. Hmmm….. I wonder what they’ll brew next year?

Bob manually attaches labels to the twin-pack of beer he and CoPrez Gordon Lane brewed for Briess employees.