Last year at the Craft Brewers Conference, Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee was one of the lucky winners who received one of our Hot Steep Method Kit giveaways. Last month, they invited craft beer enthusiast to their brewery to educate them about malt flavors in a portion of their Lakefront Brewery Beer Academy. 

Russ Klisch, Lakefront Brewery Owner, shared photos with me from the well-received event. There were over 20 participants who actively engaged in conversation during the demonstration. It gave attendees the chance to experience malt flavors and understand how malt adds character to each style of beer.

Display of the Hot Steep Method Kit from Briess. Items included a thermos, thermometer, electric kettle, funnel and filter paper, grinder, balance, mason jar and a timer.
Prepping the sample by weighing the ground malt on the balance.
Measuring out hot water for the steeping method.
The group performs a whole kernel chew test of the malt sample before tasting the liquid wort sample created by the hot steep method. Through their conversations, they discuss the flavors and aromas they perceive in each sample and the differences between the two.